What is Xhail?

Answer:Xhail is the world's first professional music creation platform for industry professionals.

Who is Xhail for?

Answer:Xhail is designed for Editors, Music Supervisors, Producers and other professionals who regularly need high quality music for TV, Film, Advertising and other media projects. Xhail’s interface is intuitive and easy to use.

Is Xhail similar to a Music Library?

Answer:Music libraries provide fully composed stock music for licensing to media and entertainment industries. Xhail does not have a stock music catalog. The platform creates one-of-a-kind music tracks in real time to user specifications. These newly created tracks are then licensed to the user for a specified project.

Do I have to download Xhail to use it?

Answer:No. Xhail runs entirely in the most recent versions of Chrome and Firefox.
We recommend a laptop or desktop with minimum 2-core Intel i5 and at least 6G of RAM for the larger compositions. We are working to qualify Xhail on Microsoft Edge and Safari also. It does not run on Internet Explorer.

Do I need an internet connection to use Xhail?

Answer:Yes. Xhail is our proprietary online cloud-based platform. Strong WiFi or hardwired connections are recommended.

Does Xhail use AI to create music?

Answer:No! Xhail combines live recorded single instrument performances created specifically for us by some of the top composers and musicians working in the industry. Our content is real recorded music parts (stems) from live musicians which is then assembled in real time by users to create unique music cues or tracks.

How many Tracks does Xhail have?

Answer:Xhail does not have any tracks (pre existing music cues). We have tens of thousands of live single instrument performances (stems) that combine to create and output an unlimited amount of new music tracks.

Can I manipulate the music?

Answer:Yes. Xhail offers users unprecedented creative control.
A user can change, add, or delete any instrument (stem) within a cue, control the volume and mix of each track element, add in or mix many styles-genres-moods, lengthen or shorten a track and add other dynamic sculpting in order to effectively create a music score to picture.

What does Xhail Cost to use?

Answer:Xhail is competitively priced within the production music space. We offer options to accommodate a client’s need. Pricing is then structured according to music downloaded, usage and clearances required. Annual & Blanket licensing are also available to select clients.

Who owns the copyright (publishing) of cues created within Xhail?

Answer:Xhail retains copyright to all music published and unpublished within or outside of the platform.

How do I download a track once I’m done creating it?

Answer:To download a finished track click on the mixes dropdown option at the top of the composition window. Your mix will be emailed to you which makes it easily available on other devices.

In what format are track downloads?

Answer:While Xhail streams in a lower compressed quality, final tracks download as high resolution 24bit - 48k WAV files.

How do I get access to a trial account?

Answer:Please provide your information through the Sounds Interesting section and let us know a little bit more about your needs.

I have an urgent requirement for music for my project?

Answer:If you have an urgent project that requires a quick turnaround for music, we can offer the services of a member of the Xhail team. Please call us directly on (213) 291-0466.